October 2017 - Ongoing
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‘There is a wall to be crossed, and I am the wall’
 is a creative project and platform dedicated to art and discourse in Amsterdam and Maastricht. This project commissions three emerging artists to work for a longer period of time together as a group and individually on their projects.

‘There is a wall to be crossed, and I am the wall’ will explore and question the core elements we consider integral to art curation, and creation. This project is different because it challenges the very elements we consider to be integral to art curation; both in form and in content. Many art projects a classic/ linear approach to art curation and its elements. ‘There is a wall to be crossed, and I am the wall’ is a fresh perspective on what it is to curate - and be curated.

This initiative challenges the form and content of what exhibition and artistic practice mean, their boundaries, limitations and opportunities. As well as bringing greater transparency to the creative process, these themes will converge across several aspects during the 2018-19 programme: two artist studio visits and three solo exhibitions with off-site interventions, a musical train journey and studio visit at Maastricht, accompanying live performances and an online publication containing critical writing and design, to add layers of context.

Participating artists: 

Isabel Cordeiro
Nina Glockner
Alina Lupu


Project supported by Stokroos Foundation