From 2014 - present Justina is the head floor manager and curator of the Bookstore Space, Amsterdam

Bookstore space is an experimental platform for arts which creates and an opportunity to develop creative ideas and projects. The gallery represents emerging and established local and international artist.  Bookstore Space focuses on conceptual and visual art exploration of various media that include installations, photography, sculptural works, performances and other creative interventions.
Supported by Leuwenstein Foundation

Curated exhibitions: Marjolijn Rijks, Iztok Klancar, Muge Yilmaz, Sylvain Tegroeg, Kate van Harreveld, Naomi Souwen & Willem Oudenhoven, Maaike Visser, Irina Volgareva, Stephan Blumenschein, Johanna de Schipper, Chris Meighan, Hans Hoekstra, Ailsa Kay, duo Khurtova and Bourlanges, Olia Ganzha, Daniel Dmyszewicz, Isabel Cordeiro.