Portrait of the Artist in their Studios series started to uncover and portray artists who made shows at the Bookstore Space gallery in Amsterdam.
Offering a behind-the-scenes glimpse into their creative, experimental and sometimes chaotic working and living spaces.
Later on, the project expanded to capture the artist at BANK (ateliers at Haarlemmerweg in Amsterdam).


Christine Moldrickx born Münster, lives and works in Amsterdam


Curator, artist, art manager Holger Nickisch. 

Artist Isabel Cordeiro at the former building of Justice, Prinsengracht, Amsterdam.

Amsterdam-based artist and illustrator Kate van Harreveld.

Photographer Irina Volgareva lives and works between Netherlands and Russia.


Photographer Naomi Souwen and photographer Willem Oudenhoven lives and works in Amsterdam. 


Stephan Blumenschein from Austria, lives and works in Amsterdam. 
‘I am interested in the peripheral, supporting and surrounding aspects of sculpting and their dialogue with “the real deal”. 

Dutch/Scotish initiator Ailsa Kay is an attempt to change the context of handkerchiefs.
She is working with Amsterdam based artists to produce a series of modern cotton handkerchiefs.


From 2009 Marie Ilse Bourlanges (FR) and Elena Khurtova (RU) works together as an artists duo based in Amsterdam.
'We like to typify our practice as a play-between-the-two. In research, we uncover the links through inner and outer layers.'


Olga Ganzha is a Russian-born Amsterdam-based artist and graphic designer. She connects disjointed elements and ritualizes personal memories of history and culture.


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